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Tailored streaming

Scalable pricing

At Vindral, we believe one size doesn't fit all. Our modular technology allows you to customize your live streaming package to fit your unique needs and budget.

Always included:

Icon Check A Global CDN
Icon Check Playback synchronization
Icon Check Configurable latency
Icon Check Adaptive bitrate
Icon Check Free player
Icon Check Analytics and monitoring
Icon Check Management APIs
Icon Check And much more!



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Only available for registered corporations and organizations.

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449€* /month

Stream unlimited

  • Ideal for frequent use
  • Fixed package prices available
  • Channel cost:

    From 449€

    Egress cost:

    0.08€ / GB**

    Ingress cost:


* Fixed package prices are available.
** Tiered pricing may apply.

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495€* /event

No additional costs

  • Ideal for infrequent use
  • Pay as you go
  • Channel cost:


    Egress cost:


    Ingress cost:


* Based on event length, max concurrent viewers and custom transcoding needs.

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Vindral is modular from the ground up. That means it can be tailored to fit your business case and infrastructure - ranging from full cloud to on premise.

Vindral is fully customizable for white labeling.

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Feature list

High quality live streaming


Playback synchronization

Adaptive bitrate

Configurable latency

Global coverage (CDN)

Global load-balancing

Analytics and reporting

Free video player (JS)

Chromecast support

Developer SDK

Platform APIs

Geo blocking support

Fast channel-switching

Stream protection

Thumbnail API

AV1 support

Add on

4K support

Add on

8K support

Add on


Add on


Add on

Hyperlocal in-venue edge

Add on

Upgrade Your Plan

Vindral offers additional functionality that can be purchased with any of our paid plans. Learn more about the different add-ons available.


Restreaming is a powerful tool for simultaneously sharing your live broadcasts across multiple channels like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. Achieve widespread coverage without the complexity of managing multiple encoders on-site.

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Record live streams to archive your broadcasts or make them available for on-demand viewing. Works on a per-channel basis; record everything or select just a few - depending on your needs.

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Deliver high quality live streaming with ultra-low latency globally. Use Vindral with AV1 to reduce bandwidth costs and enhance the quality of your content.

View AV1 demo

4K/8K support

Vindral provided the world's first demo of 8K 10-bit HDR ultra-low latency. Utilize Vindral to provide unmatched video quality, by taking advantage of our cutting-edge hardware support.

Hyperlocal in-venue

Deploy Vindral in a hyperlocal setting; a sports arena, conference hall or any public forum to stream to large audiences without network congestion.

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If you have any other questions, please contact us.