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Tuned for perfection

Elevate your
live casino experience

­­Vindral is a live streaming platform specialized in ultra-low latency and high-quality video in sync, making it ideal for live casino applications.

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With strong
roots in live casino

You’ll be in good hands. The journey of Vindral started out in the live dealer and online casino vertical and our experts have several decades of combined experience in optimizing every minute of the live casino experience.

In short, our Live CDN delivers sub-second playout across devices, at 4K, and in sync. It scales globally and is available either as a live CDN or as an engine for white-label solutions. Here are some of the key areas we know are important.

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Multiple fail-safes ensure your stream stays live, even if technical issues appear. The dependable backup plan keeps the show going.


Vindral will provide a smooth uninterrupted experience for all of your viewers, regardless of their device, bandwith or geographical location.


Vindral has been powering the biggest brands in online casinos since 2018, 24/7 all across the globe.

Some key features

So why is Vindral the perfect fit for live casino solutions? Check out some of our most important features that ensure the best possible experience for your viewers.

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Ultra-low latency

Commonly configured to sub-second glass-to-glass.

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Vindral guarantees that all viewers are in sync.

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Adaptive bitrate

Full adaptive bitrate support ensures maximum quality for all players.

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Data channel

Frame-synchronized data channel makes it possible to inject cue points to triggers events based on the content streamed.

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Readily available performance, user and reporting metrics.

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Powerful API

Manage and monitor your Vindral resources.

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Custom infrastructure

Built for white label to blend with your infrastructure and demands.

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Custom solutions?

Reach out! We always listen and aim to improve Vindral to your needs.

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Some of our expertise
within online casinos

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Game shows
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Two dices
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Live commentary
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We have really high demands on the production quality and for us using Vindral suite was a no brainer.

Henrik Fagerlund
Chief Operating Officer - RAW iGaming

of live casino

In the live casino vertical, there are quite a few technical challenges when it comes to streaming. This is how we tackle them:


To be able to ingest to the Vindral CDN, you must have access to a private stream identifier. This identifier is generated when your stream is created and replaces the need for a username and password.


Vindral only gathers performance metrics related to quality assurance and retains this data for a very limited amount of time. Data is stored securely, and both gathering and storage may be geographically restricted.

State sync

Vindral guarantees all viewers to be in sync. This is crucial for the user experience and fairness of the game. Couple this with the frame-synchronized data channel to elevate your live casino experience.


Regional compliance is a must for live casinos. Vindral has a global reach and can provide a solution for any region, to comply with any rules and regulations.

brand quality

Consistent brand quality is crucial for the user experience and the trust of the players.


Sub-second latency, all viewers in sync. For a fair and smooth experience.

Composer is a real-time video editing and compositing software designed for live streaming, color correction, chroma key, visual effects, and more. Combining Vindral with Composer offers a synergy for live streaming applications, particularly enhancing live casino experiences.

Chroma key original
Chroma key black and white
Chroma key result

One studio
multiple outputs

One of Composer's most important feature is that a single instance can deliver up to 16 video outputs, each with its own branding and overlay.

This makes Composer an unrivaled cost-effective solution for chroma key configurations!

A studio setting using chrome key for branding example 1
A studio setting using chrome key for branding example 2
A studio setting using chrome key for branding example 3
A studio setting using chrome key for branding example 4

Layered compositions
and branding

Choose you own background and overlay it with your own branding.

Live editor

Composer provides a fully featured live editor that allows you to change the look and feel of your stream in real-time.

High end chroma keyers

The built-in IB3D Chroma Keyer, the HSV Keyer and Color Difference Keyer, are capable of producing high end chroma key results.

And much more

Composer has an extensive feature list to boost your Live Casino experience.

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