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Composer is the real-time video compositing software, designed to guarantee authentic live casino experiences at 24/7 large-scale operations.


Composer is a real-time video compositing software for event-driven video compositing, color correction, chroma-key, visual effects, and live streaming. Composer runs any number of video sources, visual effects, compositions/layers, and outputs, with lossless processing without frame drops.

Cost effective and easy to scale

Composer is a software solution that consolidates all the essentials for live studio production into one convenient package. Traditional studio configurations involve numerous components such as vision mixers, chroma keyers, stillstores and encoders, leading to an array of challenges including complicated setups, scalability issues, automation difficulties, costly monitoring and expense. Also, with the expansion of the studio, managing rack space and handling extensive cabling becomes a considerable hurdle.

Composer offers a solution to all these challenges by providing an all-in-one platform capable of managing up to 16 cameras and 16 outputs, all within a single server. The only restriction lies in the server's capacity (CPU, GPU, bandwidth).

Composer's built-in APIs, automation capabilities, and monitoring support make the operation straightforward and manageable.

  • Easy to operate
  • Cost efficient
  • High density
  • Limited cabling

One studio - multiple outputs

Composer's incorporation of chroma keyers and compositing capabilities enables the creation of configurations that can produce several outputs from a single table setup. By eliminating the need for multiple chroma keyers, video switchers, and encoders, a single Composer server instance has the potential to deliver up to 16 video outputs.

This makes Composer an unrivaled cost-effective solution for chroma key configurations.

A studio setting using chrome key for branding example 1
A studio setting using chrome key for branding example 2
A studio setting using chrome key for branding example 3
A studio setting using chrome key for branding example 4

Integrated switcher and media storage

Use Composer as a video switcher, or vision mixer, for audio/video coming from up to 16 camera inputs or other media sources.

The switcher feature can be easily controlled from external applications using the built-in API.

Beyond simple transition capabilities, such as changing from source A to source B, Composer offers a wealth of advanced options. Using the Connectors feature, you can design macros that trigger a combination of actions, including;

  • Switching to a specific source
  • Altering the background image
  • Starting video clip playback
  • Toggling graphic layers
  • Changing the volume of selected audio tracks
  • Modifying the chroma keyer's backdrop

... and many more. These settings are fully adjustable and straightforward to implement using the Live Editor.

Layered compositions and branding

Composer is a toolbox that allows you to create a wide range of outputs. Anything from a single camera+color correction+h264 output, to multi-camera, multi-scene, multi-branding and multiple outputs. Or, use Composer as your encoder for up to 16 studios. The high performance video engine utilizes the full capacity of your GPU and CPU, and the built-in video encoder supports hardware accelerated encoding using NVENC. Use your Windows workstation to setup your project, and deploy the solution to your Linux- or Windows production environment.

An image depicting the layered composition capabilities of Composer

Live editor

The Composer's integrated editor offers an effective tool for Product Owners and the design department, enabling them to obtain immediate results. The Live Editor dynamically renders the project, giving a precise visualization of the final output in real-time. Once the project is finalized using the Live Editor, the Composer runtime module allows for effortless deployment on Windows or Linux platforms, providing a lightweight solution.

  • Live rendition of all layers, inputs, and assets
  • View all effects in real-time
  • Drag-&-drop of layers
  • Audio VU-meters
  • Transparency preview
  • Color picker
  • Multi-scene setups
  • Runtime & performance monitor
An image depicting the live editor capabilities of Composer

High end chroma key

The built-in IB3D Chroma Keyer, the HSV Keyer and Color Difference Keyer, are capable of producing high end chroma key results. Composer supports 4K resolution, 4:2:2 capture and processing in 4:4:4:4.

The compositing engine of Composer allows a single keyer to be used as the source for multiple outputs. This translates to a more cost efficient setup as only one keyer is needed per camera or video source.

Composer also supports switching between multiple keyers, which is a requirement in multi camera setups.

An image depicting the high end chroma key capabilities of composer - original image
An image depicting the high end chroma key capabilities of composer - black and white extraction
An image depicting the high end chroma key capabilities of composer - results


Chroma extraction


  • Integrated high-speed Chroma key
  • Green screen and blue screen
  • IB3D keyer, HSV keyer and color difference keyer
  • Spill suppression
  • Unmultiply support
  • Alpha coloring filter
  • Black, gamma and whitepoint adjustments of key channel
  • Garbage matte (additive/subtractive key, spill suppression mask)
  • Create any number of outputs ("brandings")
  • Multi-camera chroma key setups
  • Use traditional chroma key backdrops, lightboxes or light rings

Image enhancement features

Composer's built-in tools for improving video quality, grading or camera calibration are essential tools for high quality productions. Combine filters of your choice, per channel or output.

  • Sharpening filter
  • Color curves
  • Automatic camera calibration
  • Hue/hue shift effect
  • Hue/luminance shift effect
  • Hue/saturation shift effect
  • Hue-Shift filter
  • Vibrance filter
  • Grading (LUT)
  • Built-in vectorscope and RGB-parade scope
  • Face detection
An image depicting the image enhancement features of Composer

Monitoring, alarms & production env.

Composer is designed for 24/7 operations, offering monitoring features, performance tracking, alarms, and on-call notifications. It seamlessly integrates with Slack and OpsGenie, making it easy to monitor your production environment. Additionally, Composer supports monitoring endpoints for popular external tools like ElastiSearch, Prometheus, Kibana, and Grafana.

  • OpsGenie integration
  • Slack integration
  • Professional logging
  • Track performance KPIs
  • Auto-recover functionality
  • Windows and Linux runtimes
  • Auto-generate stream thumbnails
  • Export your project as a protected runtime package
An image depicting the layered composition capabilities of Composer

Extended monitoring

Monitor your Composer instances in one place. The extended monitoring plugin centralizes logs, metrics and servers stats - making it easy to manage as your setup grows. The extended monitoring plugin is easy to setup and comes with pre-built dashboards.

  • Centralized log management
  • Monitor all Composer instances with over 40 live metrics
  • Monitor servers with extensive server stats
  • Create custom alerts from any metric or log event
  • Extend and customize to suit your needs

Multi-game support

Use Composer for your Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Game Show, or any other type of iGaming experience.

  • Use multi-camera setups.
  • Use physical sets or go for full or partial 4K Chroma Key setup.
  • Improve your video quality.
  • Add visual effects.
  • Embed other video sources or live data feeds.
  • Integrate external 3D engines such as Unity 3D.
  • Use the APIs to create an event-driven visual experience, controlled by your back-end services.
  • Use our CDN services for high-quality video playback and low latency, outperforming WebRTC video quality.
  • Skip SDI and HDMI - go for NDI instead.

Embed external data & graphics

Use external web pages to embed live graphics, scoreboards, animations, or any other kind of live data. Simply add a web page as a layer in Composer and manage it as any other kind of content.

  • Javascript support with two-way communication to Composer through API
  • Live rendering
  • Alpha channel support.
  • Apply any effect
Male dealer at a blackjack table where half of the table and background is green screen.

API integration

Composer provides APIs for integration with backend systems such as game logic engines, automation systems, or web servers. APIs are secured via HTTP(S) combined with private API keys. Use the APIs for dynamic setups that interacts with your game or external data.

  • API-triggered events
  • Camera switching
  • Effects and animation playback
  • Delayed execution
  • Animation of layer properties (ease in/out)
  • Cue point (metadata) injection into Vindral CDN

Full compatibility

Composer is 100% compatible with Vindral and any other CDN supporting RTMP(S). The built-in encoder is highly configurable and efficient and supports both CPU and GPU based encoding. Tight integration with the Vindral CDN, including cue point support (metadata channel) for out-of-band metadata synchronized with the video stream.

  • Support for other CDNs such as LimeLight, Akamai, and others.
  • Ingest RTMP(S) with speeds up to 50Mbit/s.
  • Multi-bitrate ingest.

Professional services

Our experienced team provides professional services including application integration, application development, and training.

We can also provide dedicated support for your broadcast events.

Development & deployment competencies include C, C++, C#, Java, Node, TypeScript, Cuda, React, Vue, mobile application development, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Helm, Terraform, Jenkins, and more.

Our video and studio expertise includes studio build and video architecture, video distribution, advanced Chroma Key setups, camera calibration, lights, and audio.

  • Training
  • Studio build
  • Video architecture
  • Stress tests
  • Automation
  • Event support

Let's succeed together!

Don't hesitate to get in touch with RealSprint to explore how Composer could help with your specific needs and aspirations. The Composer team has decades of experience with TV, broadcast, studio setups and real-time video compositing.

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