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Tuned for perfection

Horse racing

Experience live racing as it was meant; with ultra-low latency, synchronization and in high-quality.

Make room for more bets

We are very excited to be part of the digital transformation of traditional industries such as horse racing. A great deal of innovation is happening, based on new possibilities such as track data, 360 videos, and gamification of the betting experience. Bettors welcome these improvements as a lot of their time is spent watching the horses in order to make educated decisions. From the first glimpses of warm-ups to the on-track action. The more content available - and the higher the video quality - the better the chance for placing informed bets.

Recent development in legislation is paving the way for enhanced user experience and entirely new products, putting a spotlight on low latency streaming. With in-play betting in the pipe for most markets, users' expectations are increasing. When placing bets live in action, it is not an option to lag behind. Even aside from in-play betting, there are great benefits of low latency - it is a well-known fact that high volumes of bets are placed as late before the race as possible. The lower the latency, the happier the users, and the more bets can be placed.

Reducing the gap between the racecourse and the device

Vindral delivers stability in high quality. This means ultra-low latency and sync between different user devices without compensating for quality. As a result, the gap between the racecourse and the player's device is reduced, increasing the window for bets to be placed. By this, Vindral is set up for delivering next-generation Horse Racing streams.

Horses racing