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Tuned for perfection

Online auctions
to a global audience

­­Vindral is a live streaming platform specialized in ultra-low latency and high-quality video in sync, making it ideal for live online auctions.

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as if you were there

Different devices showing a auction of a vase

Live auctions require a stable and reliable platform to ensure that all viewers are in sync and that the experience is as close to being physically present as possible. Vindral is the perfect solution for online auctions, providing ultra-low latency and high-quality video in sync. Allow your audience to bid from anywhere in the world without compromising on the experience.

In short, our Live CDN delivers sub-second playout across devices, at 4K, and in sync. It scales globally and is available either as a live CDN or as an engine for white-label solutions.

You will
be rewarded

We feel safe to say that you will see payoff from using Vindral for your online auctions. For a number of reasons.

Some key features

So why is Vindral the perfect fit for online auctions solutions? Check out some of our most important features that ensure the best possible experience for your viewers.

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Ultra-low latency

Commonly configured to sub-second glass-to-glass. Your viewers might as well be there in person.

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Vindral guarantees that all viewers are in sync. No matter where they are or what device they are using.

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Adaptive bitrate

Full adaptive bitrate support ensures maximum quality for all players.

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Readily available performance, user and reporting metrics.

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Restream to any platform, instagram, facebook, youtube, twitch, etc.

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Custom solutions?

Reach out! We always listen and aim to improve Vindral to your needs.

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Use cases
for live auctions.

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Real Estate
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Auction houses
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Fine art
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When considering streaming Concierge Auctions sales, lag time and latency was the most important factor. After looking at various platforms, Vindral had an answer so the decision was pretty simple.

Daniel Sparkman
Executive Vice President - Concierge Auctions

of online auctions

For online auctions, there are quite a few technical challenges when it comes to streaming. This is how we tackle them:


Trust is crucial for online auctions. Vindral provides a stable and reliable platform to ensure that all viewers are in sync and that the experience is as close to being physically present as possible.


Vindral is a global platform that can reach any audience, anywhere in the world. This makes it ideal for online auctions that want to reach a global audience.


Vindral is fully scalable and can handle any number of viewers, from a few to millions. No matter how big your audience is, we can handle it.


Sub-second latency, all viewers in sync. For a fair and smooth experience.