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Tuned for perfection


Stream your content in up to 4K60. Utilize the latest AV1 video codec to maximize video quality.

Next-generation performance

There has never been a greater platform for catalyzing the bond between fans, teams, and the competitions they love to follow.

The tremendous growth of esports highlights the need for a streaming solution that allows for many viewers without reducing quality, simultaneously maintaining low latency and sync. This calls for technological advancements beyond what recently developed solutions such as WebRTC and LL-HLS, Chunked CMAF provide.

As technology advances, so do the viewers' expectations. Sharper video quality and the possibility of seamlessly switching between angles make it difficult to rely on traditional solutions. Vindral allows for stability in these situations.

New functionalities such as live commentary and interactions on the games in esports further emphasize the importance of latency, in which Vindral delivers content at sub-second or at a latency of your choice.

Esports attract viewers on a global scale, creating the need for solutions that guarantee stability and sync. Vindral does this regardless of the viewers' choice of platform - delivering exceptional solutions that match these evolving needs. The esports market deserves a smooth experience - even at 4K quality.

Guy playing esports