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Sports betting

Boost your revenues by maximizing the betting window and improve image quality.

Ultra-low latency, high quality and perfection synchronization

Few things can compete with sports betting when it comes to intense action and the twists and turns of a great game. Huge audiences wager their money and engage in the action, whether it's soccer, racing, basketball, American football, boxing, or tennis. As expectations from viewers grow, more seamless experiences are called for. Vindral offers stability at 4K - worldwide. This means no viewers are left behind, latency is sub-second or at a choice of your own, and every viewer is in sync.

2024: A growing need for stability in live streamed sports betting

Recent development has seen significant improvements to latency and stability in watching live sports online, mainly through the standardized HLS / DASH technologies. However, while these are robust methods of transporting streams, they introduce latencies of around 20-30 seconds. This means sports bettors are missing out on opportunities to place more bets. Simultaneously, WebRTC-based solutions have brought latencies down to around 1 second while trading off stability and image quality. In this way, live streaming sports is a matter of prioritizing quality, sync, or latency. Read more on how Vindral performs against these technologies here.

Delivering excellence - Vindral live CDN

For an ideal live experience, glass-to-glass latency needs to be around 1 second. This brings the viewer closer to the action and widens the time window of betting, enabling fans to bet on events as they happen. Furthermore, stability is of great importance, and video quality is a prerequisite. Unmatched multi-camera performance due to sync and fast channel switching adds to the effect, enabling a seamless experience for the viewer. Vindral does it all right in the browser or in apps, all the way down to iOS Safari on realistic mobile connections.

An arena filled with people watching soccer