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White label /
OEM solution

Deploying your own Live Streaming Solution has never been easier. With Vindral OEM, you have the freedom to bring your own servers and brand, empowering you to grow your business on your terms.

Key features

Vindral OEM provides unmatched performance in the sweet spot where video quality, latency control and viewer synchronization meet. Where other vendors of ultra-low latency solutions struggle with video quality and playback synchronization across different devices, Vindral OEM manages to maintain 4K streams globally at sub-second latency and within 100ms of playout drift.

Designed to cater to the needs of Service Providers, Cloud Vendors, traditional CDNs, Broadcasters, and Application Owners, Vindral OEM enables you to establish your own live-streaming service or expand your product/service offerings to include ultra-low latency live-streaming capabilities. Take full control over crucial aspects such as data flow (GDPR compliance), access control, viewer restrictions, load balancing, and more with Vindral OEM. Whether your business objective is cost efficiency, security management, desire for control and independence, adherence to policies, political factors, limited internet access, or strategic considerations, Vindral OEM is equipped to deliver a reliable 24/7 service tailored to your specific requirements.

Vindral OEM has been successfully deployed for customers operating in diverse environments, ranging from a single instance (server) to extensive infrastructures encompassing thousands of servers. With support for virtual machines, bare metal servers, and cloud instances, Vindral OEM can be seamlessly integrated into nearly any platform that supports Linux and Containers. Whether you opt for a single server instance or a massive cluster comprised of thousands of servers, Vindral OEM has the flexibility to accommodate your needs.

The OEM version of Vindral is fully independent of the Vindral Live CDN service and is licensed separately.

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Grow your business and scale your service

Vindral OEM version engineered to serve as a foundation for the development of new Live Content Delivery Networks (LCDNs) specifically designed for live-streaming services. By employing our proprietary deployment and management tools, the installation process on your infrastructure is streamlined, promoting operational efficiency and speed.

The scalability of the OEM version is one of its hallmark features, providing support for a virtually unlimited number of regions, data centers, customers, channels, and viewers. This adaptability allows you to commence operations with a modest setup and progressively scale your configuration in tandem with your business growth.

For a comprehensive understanding of Vindral OEM's capabilities and how they can align with your business objectives, please reach out to our team. We look forward to assisting you in maximizing the value of our offerings for your product portfolio or enterprise.

Choose your setup

Vindral OEM supports a wide range of production environments, including:

  • On-premise; bare-metal servers
  • Hybrid; bare-metal/VMs
  • Pure cloud

Let us discuss your requirements and find out the most efficient way of using your already existing resources.

Vindral OEM is capable of operating in multi-POP configurations, serving vast audiences around the globe. Load balancing (GLBS) between POPs can be managed and prioritized to minimize costs and optimize egress or internal DC traffic.

Launching your live streaming service with Vindral OEM is not restricted to a specific VM or Cloud provider. The practice of mixing providers is prevalent, and it's quite common in hybrid setups to utilize existing on-premises hardware alongside cloud configurations.

Our Vindral Cloud service operates in a hybrid setup, leveraging cloud resources from multiple vendors. For large-scale arrangements, the Vindral Traffic Router facilitates geo-load balancing across regions and numerous POPs on different VM providers or physical data centers using various ISPs.

From zero to market

Since 2016 RealSprint has been designing and delivering custom and private live-streaming platforms and technology for a variety of customers. The setups have one important thing in common: ultra-low latency video streaming with support for all major browsers, platforms, and apps.

Vindral OEM is optimized for easy deployment in any infrastructure. With our suite of tools for deployment, scaling, management, and monitoring, there is no smoother way to go from zero to market.

Keys to success


Vindral OEM contains modules for ingest, transcoding, egress, load balancing, management, and monitoring. Everything you need to deploy a live-streaming service. The software stack is highly optimized and runs as containers.


Success requires a competitive product as well as powerful tools for deployment, maintenance, and upgrades. We work hands-on with our clients to plan and execute the deployment of their live-streaming services and provide our customers with all the tools needed for operations and maintenance.


Whether your use case relies on physical points-of-presence, virtual environments, or a hybrid, Vindral OEM includes tools for scaling out as needed. With highly optimized software, the toll on hardware resources is kept to a minimum to drive margins.


Vindral OEM features a Control Panel with functions such as governing stream configurations, managing both encoders and edge servers, gaining quick access to any stream, and many other controls needed to run a successful live streaming service.


The Vindral OEM platform continuously gathers data in several layers to enable comprehensive statistics and monitoring. Using Prometheus and ELK, Vindral tracks performance metrics based on geolocation and devices, host loads and traffic flow, ingest point activity, viewer statistics, etc.

Training and support

RealSprint provides training and support for all Vindral OEM customers. This includes technical training, sales training, tech pre-sale support, and technical support.

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Future proof

Vindral OEM offers support for both traditional video codecs and audio codecs, in addition to the latest high-efficient AV1 video codec. The transcoder servers of Vindral OEM have native built-in support for AV1, including its 10-bit and HDR variants, resulting in superior video quality and reduced bandwidth usage compared to standard H264 or HEVC codecs.

AV1 is an advanced, open-source video coding format that is free from royalties and was developed by the Alliance for Open Media. Its primary objective is to improve image quality and decrease bitrate requirements when compared to codecs such as H.264, H.265, VP9, and HEVC. By adopting AV1, viewers can enjoy a more immersive user experience while also benefiting from reduced data usage costs.

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Hardware offloading

For transcoding processes that prioritize efficiency, density, and cost-effectiveness, Vindral OEM is compatible with Video Processing Units (VPUs) powered by ASIC technology.

Vindral is not only compatible with the following hardware accelerators/encoders - it has a deep integration allowing for automatic load balancing, monitoring and collecting real-time statistics of various metrics.


NETINT's Quadra VPU stands out due to its exceptional performance and video quality, seamlessly integrated with the transcoder instances within Vindral OEM.

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AMD/Xilinx Alveo MA35

The AMD Alveo™ MA35D Media Accelerator is powered by an ASIC-based video processing unit built from the ground up for high-density, ultra-low latency streaming. Each device (2x per card) features four discrete encoder engines, enabling multiple standards concurrently and provides streaming providers’ the flexibility to scale to new and legacy endpoints. The architecture is optimized for area, power, and cost-per-channel and can be configured to balance compression efficiency, channel density, and latency based on application requirements.

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Nvidia NVENC

Nvidia's hardware accelerated encode capabilities allow for faster and more efficient video encoding. By leveraging the power of Nvidia's graphics processing units (GPUs), video encoding can be performed in real-time with minimal strain on the CPU. This results in higher quality output and faster processing times.

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Intel Quick Sync

Intel Quick Sync is a feature on select Intel CPUs (iGPU) and all Intel GPUs that accelerates video encoding tasks, offering faster encoding times, lower CPU usage, and reduced power consumption than software encoding. It is easy to use and compatible with a variety of codecs and formats, making it a great option to improve video encoding workflow.

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Let's succeed together!

Don't hesitate to get in touch with RealSprint to explore how Vindral OEM could align with your specific needs and aspirations. Be it an individual unit functioning within an aircraft, a betting application for a kiosk, or a global live-streaming service - Vindral OEM has the potential to be the platform you require.

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