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Live streaming
without trade-offs

No need to choose between high quality and low latency. Vindral guarantees both, together with synchronized playout on a global scale. To accelerate the viewing experience.

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An image of the Vindral sweet spot of quality, latency and sync.

The sweet spot

Vindral is a low-latency streaming technology designed to provide real-time streaming with minimal delay. Our flexible architecture aims to ensure consistent and synchronized delivery of high-quality video content, regardless of network conditions, to enhance the viewer experience.

An image of the Vindral sweet spot of quality, latency and sync.

1. Quality

Vindral enables crystal-clear experiences with unmatched stability - for everyone.

Our adaptive bitrate algorithm combined with our fully configurable latency provide an unmatched resilience for live streams, allowing sub-second latency across the globe even in 4K resolution.

2. Synchronization

Vindral's synchronized playout ensures that content is delivered simultaneously to all devices, resulting in a consistent experience with minimal latency.

Unlike other technologies that may have varying latency across different devices or over time, Vindral maintains latency consistency within fractions of a second.

3. Latency

For any interactive application, latency is pivotal. Vindral keeps viewers on a known latency of your choice, which is guaranteed for all viewers, across devices.

The configurable latency ensures that your viewers get the experience that you choose. The most common configurations are set at sub-second glass-to-glass.


1080p 4Mbps, baseline, GOP 1s

Network profile 4G (latency 97ms, jitter 12ms, packet loss 1.7%)


Buffer length: 600ms


Leading WebRTC vendor

Tuned for perfection

Achieving game-changing power requires more than just latency. Realtime typically means pushing too hard - and degrading quality as a result. In the same way, solutions on the far right yield stability, but not without sacrificing latency. Cutting-edge experiences require high quality and synchronization together with ultra-low latency, even under harsh network conditions. All of which is guaranteed with Vindral. The pinnacle of reliability, simply put.

Comparison of Vindral, WebRTC and HLS
Comparison of Vindral, WebRTC and HLS

Latest articles

Learn more about streaming in general and Vindral in particular in these in-depth articles.

Fits your needs

Vindral is the premier streaming platform suitable for a diverse range of verticals.
We provide the optimal blend for your specific use case.

Horse racing

Horse racing

Experience live racing as it was meant; with ultra-low latency, synchronization and in high-quality.

Horse racing
Sports Betting

Sports betting

Boost your revenues by maximizing the betting window and improve image quality.

Sports betting
Live Casino

Live casino

Provide a better experience and increase your revenue by reducing idle time between game rounds.

Live casino
Online Auctions

Online auctions

Stream your online auctions to a global audience, to any device, with ultra-low latency.

Online auctions
Public Safety

Public safety

Save lives and money. Vindral offers the perfect mix of ultra-low latency and security needed for public safety operation.

Public safety


Stream your content in up to 4K60. Utilize the latest AV1 video codec to maximize video quality.


Global reach

POP:s across the globe and flexible capacity to easily adjust and ensure content reaches all viewers. Moreover, Vindral is designed for automatic failover traffic routing & optimization, and no single point of failure.

Moreover, using traffic rules, we can ensure your streams are protected based on the viewer's location. As a result, all streams are GDPR compliant.

Read more about Vindral's architecture
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For developers, by developers

Get started developing your own application using the Vindral development platform. Our SDK provides getting-started guides, tutorials, and how-to articles for application developers and channel management via the platform API:s.


Manage your channels and channel groups with our fully documented and easy to use Management API


Build and customize Vindral to your preferences with our SDKs

Self-service portal

Manage your channels and invite your team members, all your Vindral needs in one place. Sign up for a Free trial

Free player and QoS tool

Vindral comes with a free player optimized for ultra-low latency playback; get up and running instantly with our easy-to-use embed player or use the WebSDK to create a completely custom player of your own.

Monitoring and statistics

Inspect and monitor your streaming performance, the user demographic and other details in our built-in monitoring and statistics tools.

Code samples

Get kickstarted using our open-source code samples on GitHub

Learn everything and fine-tune your streaming experience using Vindral by exploring our extensive Documentation

Latest news

Vindral Composer

Combining Vindral with Composer provides a powerful platform for live streaming.

Composer is an integrated multi-purpose software supercharged for live video compositing, effects, and encoding. Composer combines a video mixer, an audio mixer, a GPU-based engine for real-time video effects, filters, and a video encoder into a powerful software application designed for 24/7 operations. An all-in-one solution made to supersede each component in a typical live video production setup.

Composer can be utilized independently, or as a powerful side-by-side combination with Vindral to further accelerate the iGaming experience at scale.

Learn more about Composer
Vindral Composer GUI

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