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Building an authentic casino atmosphere in live casinos

Saturation in the online casino market

In recent years, the online gambling industry has seen a steadily increasing annual growth rate, and the market is estimated to continuously accelerate. However, with more brands entering the space, it’s becoming increasingly important to differentiate your offering. As the market for online casinos saturates, adding a live casino section can help to distinguish a traditional online casino from others. With the help of immersive visuals, live casinos can attract a broader audience and secure future growth.

Using chroma keying to build an authentic casino atmosphere

Anyone looking to create a legitimate casino atmosphere in the live casino space will probably come across a technique called chroma keying. This refers to the process where two different image sources are composited together to create an editable and artificial background. Chroma keying is commonly used in movies, but also in typical TV broadcasts where a range of visual effects is added. Hence, its applicability is exceedingly versatile.  

The footage used in Chroma keying should be staged with a flat single-color background, usually green or blue (i.e., green-screen or blue-screen). The term ‘Keying’ refers to the method where the single-color background is removed using editing software. The process simply makes the background transparent and can then be replaced by something completely different. Within the iGaming industry, this brings the opportunity to simulate a real casino environment. 

Composer – simplifying the iGaming setup

As the typical live casino setup tends to be rather complex, the setup of Composer is very straightforward and cost-efficient in comparison. While some iGaming operators construct physical studios with tables to live stream their games from, Composer easily replaces this need as it allows for complete customization of the full game environment. As a result, the background, together with logos and different animations, can be incorporated into the stream. Hence, Composer is used effortlessly in live Roulette, Baccarat, game shows, or in any iGaming setup that either requires advanced multi-camera or chroma key setups. Moreover, the same Composer license can also be used for multiple casino brands.

Vindral Composer layers

Guaranteeing 4K

No matter if your live casino setup is purely physical, partially, or fully virtual (using chroma keying), Composer supports 4K video quality. However, video resolution correlates to bitrate, and a high resolution usually equals a high bitrate. Hence, a higher bitrate means video quality is improved simultaneously as the file size increases. In live streaming, this can be problematic as an increased bandwidth will be required to deliver high-quality video streams smoothly. Pairing Vindral with the Composer removes this hinder, as the CDN features support for adaptive bitrate, 4k resolution, and high peak bandwidth. Multi-ABR transcoding automatically adapts to the internet connection of each viewer. This means streams ranging from 4K at 20Mbit/s down to 360p at 0.5Mbit/s can be provided depending on use case requirements.

Vindral Composer 1
Vindral Composer 2

Hence, combining Composer with Vindral allows for a true next-generation casino experience, as players not only experience the game in a sophisticated environment but also in high image quality, at ultra-low latency, and in constant sync. As a result, the time for each betting round is kept at a minimum, allowing for a smooth in-game experience and for more bets to be placed. All in all, it’s a perfect way to maximize revenue and build brand loyalty within the iGaming space.   

Advantages of Composer:
  • Cross-selling opportunities by in-game marketing
  • Allows players to customize the backdrop
  • Supports interaction between players and dealer 
  • 100% compatible with Vindral or any other CDN
    supporting RTMP (S).
  • Built for 24/7 operations

Find more information on Composer here.