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The growing importance of AV1 and the future of streaming

When it comes to digital streaming, the quest for efficiency, quality, and accessibility has never been more intense. A few years back, AV1 emerged as a video codec that promised to significantly reduce internet traffic and bandwidth consumption without compromising on quality. This innovation presents an opportunity for industry. In this article we will explain how Vindral has contributed to the integration of AV1 codec and low latency technologies, playing a role in the development of streaming standards. 

The drive for efficiency and quality As global internet traffic continues to increase, driven by an ever-growing demand for high-definition video content, the industry faces the challenge of managing bandwidth constraints while still enhancing viewer experience. AV1 addresses this challenge by lowering traffic consumption by up to 30%, offering significant savings in both bandwidth costs and energy consumption. This efficiency does not come at the expense of quality; on the contrary, AV1 ensures that the same or even better video quality is maintained, enabling a desirable viewing experience across the board. 

Expanding global reach The arrival of AV1 has a positive effect viewership demographics, particularly in regions like Latin America, India, and Africa, where bandwidth limitations have historically restricted access to high-quality streaming content. By requiring less bandwidth for the same quality of video, AV1 enables more individuals to enjoy enhanced streaming experiences. This enables growth in these regions, highlighting the codec’s role in opening up access to premium content. Also, as viewer expectations continue to rise, AV1’s efficiency becomes important in meeting these requirements. 

Vindral’s role in innovation At Vindral, we committed early to integrating the AV1 codec into our sub-second streaming services. This decision came naturally for us as it aligns with our broader goal to improve the efficiency, accessibility, and quality of streaming. To strengthen these efforts, we showcased content in 4K-10-bit HDR as a reflection of our dedication to delivering best possible video quality with enhanced visual clarity and color depth. For us, it’s all about offering our viewers something beyond the ordinary to remain ahead of the curve in the world of live streaming.  

Check out our comparison page showcasing AV1 vs. H264 running at identical bitrates where you can switch bitrate and study the differences.

The integration of AV1 codec into streaming services represents an upgrade in how video content is delivered and consumed globally. With its ability to significantly reduce bandwidth usage while maintaining, if not enhancing, video quality, AV1 is here to stay and to redefine the streaming landscape. Vindral is dedicated to driving innovation and industry standards forward. How do you see AV1 shaping the future of streaming? What role do you think AV1’s bandwidth efficiency could play in reducing the carbon footprint of digital streaming? How can developers and content creators best prepare for the widespread implementation of AV1? As we continue to navigate the challenges and opportunities, we invite readers and industry peers alike to join in the conversation and exploration of this transformative technology. Together, we can lead for a more efficient, globally spanning, and high-quality digital tomorrow!