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The new pace of live auctions 

The challenge 

Many streaming services offering low latency struggle with stability, a significant concern in the high-stakes environment of live auctions. This instability can lead to disrupted streams and a less reliable auction experience, which is unacceptable in a setting where every second counts. 

At Vindral, we are proud to contribute our streaming technology in a new partnership with Concierge Auctions, a leader in the auction industry. This collaboration combines our technical expertise with their industry experience to enhance live auction events. 

“We were introduced to Vindral through Sotheby’s who partners with Vindral to stream their sales. When reviewing streaming platforms for auction, latency was at the top of the list. We could not live stream an auction with a 10-30 second delay which can happen on other streaming platforms. Vindral offered sub second lag time and scale if needed which were the main selling points,” says Daniel Sparkman from Concierge Auctions. 

The solution 

In selecting a streaming partner, Concierge Auctions focused on technical efficiency and performance. Daniel’s comments on their decision-making process reflect these priorities. “When considering streaming Concierge Auctions sales, lag time and latency was the most important factor. After looking at various platforms, Vindral had an answer so the decision was pretty simple,” he says. 

The integration 

Furthermore, the operational benefits of working with Vindral are key to success. “Through working with Vindral I learned they can early accommodate projects on an ad hoc basis or longer term. The flexibility is great knowing how quickly our business and the industry can change,” he noted. 

We are pleased that Concierge Auctions finds value in key features of our service, such as minimal lag time and ease of setup. “Essentially no lag time when streaming. Simplicity of setup process. Easy onboarding. I am not a technical person and I was able to figure it out with their guidance,” Daniel mentioned. 

The advantage 

Aligning with Concierge Auctions’ core value of being technologically advanced is pivotal. “One of our core values is to be cutting edge. Vindral helps deliver on that promise,” Daniel acknowledged. The advantage extends beyond just the technology; it directly impacts viewer experience. Lag, artifacts and quality degradation can detract from the viewer’s engagement, directly affecting Concierge Auctions as a brand. Ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted streaming experience is critical for maintaining their reputation for excellence and reliability. 

The impact 

Understanding and meeting client expectations is crucial in this partnership. Daniel outlined their approach to customer service. “Providing an incomparable service with refined simplicity. That is the expectation we need to deliver on. We need to think ahead of our audiences’ needs so they do not feel like they are working too hard when interacting with our brand.” 

Vindral’s collaboration with Concierge Auctions is a testament to the effectiveness of combining specialized technology with industry expertise. It underscores our role in enhancing the live auction experience through reliable and highly performant streaming solutions. 

Moving forward, our partnership with Concierge Auctions serves as a model for how technology can be effectively integrated into traditional industries to create more dynamic and engaging experiences.