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Transforming the experience of digital events

With expertise in technical solutions and the ability to meet constantly evolving needs, Adapt is an industry leader in audiovisual experiences. Founded in Sweden and with over 25 years of experience, Adapt delivers its services across the globe.  

Adapt’s solutions cover multiple purposes, including conferences, streamed events, live broadcasts, product launches, and webinars, among others. These can either take place in Adapts physical studios in Stockholm and Gothenburg or mobile or virtual studios. All in all, Adapts solutions places customers as close as face-to-face as possible. 

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The challenge: intersecting between physical and digital 

Recent years have seen an increasing demand for solutions that allow participants to partake in events with greater flexibility. Transitioning from physical to digital holds promise but does not come without challenges. This is especially true for hybrid events intersecting between the two, with participants partaking both physically and digitally. In hybrid events, the interaction between the audience and speaker is at the core, meaning minimal latency is crucial. Interactive polls and Q&A:s add to the challenge and must be delivered smoothly to the audience. At the same time, maintaining sync between viewers is crucial, and screen sharing of excellent quality is required for the experience to be pleasant. 

The solution: high quality, synchronized playout, and adjustable latency

Using Vindral, Adapt can live-stream broadcasts, hybrid events, or multi-hub meetings where groups of participants connect from different locations. Consequently, viewers are in constant sync, and Adapt can customize the setup and adjust the latency depending on each use case. As for quality, Vindral retains up to 4K. 

The results 

Altogether, Adapt’s solutions equal less traveling, translating to a more environmentally-friendly choice. Furthermore, solutions such as these play a significant role in the circumstances brought on by covid-19, as they allow these functions to continue in the face of adversity. 

As the potential range for digital events increases, so does the opportunities for potential sponsors. Sponsorships during the pandemic have not declined but instead shifted toward the digital arena, creating new possibilities. Hence, Adapt’s eagerness to push boundaries further and offer more flexible participation translates to real business value for their clients. We are proud to see Vindral as part of such a solution.