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Vindral – operations and management

Choosing an appropriate live-streaming vendor that fits your needs may pose a certain level of complexity. It’s not just about considering the more typical factors like latency, cost, device compatibility, and implementation simplicity, but also other aspects that might not be immediately noticeable yet crucial. The following is a set of features associated with Operations and Management that may prove significant in the process of choosing a live-streaming vendor or a solution that would enable the launch of your own live-streaming Content Delivery Network (LCDN).


Vindral’s system is designed to constantly monitor performance and load parameters, fostering an environment of proactive and responsive management. This continuous observation allows for real-time assessment and the capability to promptly respond to any potential issues before they escalate.

Performance monitoring ensures the system functions at its optimal level, providing valuable information about the system’s response time, stream throughput, number of viewers, and other operational metrics. This constant vigilance allows for immediate detection of performance deviations, offering the opportunity to implement solutions and maintain the system’s efficiency.


Vindral provides comprehensive built-in analytics tools that enable you to gain valuable insights about your channels, viewers, and geographic locations. These tools allow you to analyze various metrics, including the types of devices and browsers used, average bitrate, egress traffic, average time-to-first-frame (TTFF), and more.


Vindral offers a sophisticated, highly redundant architecture designed for maximum system availability. Our suite of robust features includes redundant ingest sites and transcoders with fail-over capabilities, which contribute to the overall resilience of our system.

In addition to these, a Global Load Balancer plays a pivotal role in distributing network traffic efficiently across multiple data centers, thereby ensuring the optimal use of resources, reducing server response times, and increasing overall network reliability.

Our infrastructure extends to multiple data centers and runs on numerous Internet Service Provider (ISP) networks, further enhancing redundancy and ensuring high availability. Each component of the Vindral system is designed with a fail-safe mechanism to provide consistent, uninterrupted service, thus ensuring an unparalleled level of resilience and reliability across all aspects of the service provision.

This combination of high redundancy and high availability positions Vindral as a leading choice for organizations that prioritize reliable, uninterrupted service provision and robust, fault-tolerant network architecture.

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Vindral Portal login screen

Vindral introduces a streamlined customer portal, designed for effective and organized management. This platform permits users, or clients employing the OEM version of Vindral, to oversee various aspects such as channels, channel groups, transcoding profiles, user accounts, and API-keys. The interface aims to enhance operational efficiency and encourage optimal utilization of the system’s features.

The portal is available for all customers.


The Vindral OEM version is engineered to serve as a foundation for the development of new Content Delivery Networks (LCDNs) specific to live streaming. By employing our proprietary deployment and management tools, the installation process on your infrastructure is streamlined, promoting operational efficiency and speed.

The scalability of the OEM version is one of its hallmark features, providing support for a virtually unlimited number of regions, data centers, customers, channels, and viewers. This adaptability allows you to commence operations with a modest setup and progressively scale your configuration in tandem with your business growth.

For a comprehensive understanding of Vindral OEM’s capabilities and how it can align with your business objectives, please reach out to our team at RealSprint. We look forward to assisting you in maximizing the value of our offerings for your product portfolio or enterprise.


The OEM version of Vindral, otherwise known as the White-label version, incorporates substantial support for performance and KPI analytics through Grafana and Kibana. Vindral is equipped with an array of pre-configured dashboards, facilitating comprehensive monitoring of all important aspects of your LCDN. This integration with prominent analytic tools is intended to provide detailed insights, facilitating data-driven decision-making within your organizational processes.