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We believe great content should go live without trade-offs.
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An image of the Vindral sweet spot of quality, latency and sync. An image of the Vindral sweet spot of quality, latency and sync.

The sweet spot

Vindral is optimized for high-quality playout with exceptional resilience while maintaining ultra-low latency and synchronization among viewers.

This places Vindral in a sweet spot within the industry.

1. Quality

Vindral enables crystal-clear experiences with unmatched stability - for everyone.

Our adaptive bitrate algorithm combined with our fully configurable latency provide an unmatched resilience for live streams, allowing sub-second latency across the globe even in 4K resolution.

2. Synchronization

Vindral's synchronized playout ensures that content is delivered simultaneously to all devices, resulting in a consistent experience with minimal latency.

Unlike other technologies that may have varying latency across different devices or over time, Vindral maintains latency consistency within fractions of a second.

3. Latency

For any interactive application, latency is pivotal. Vindral keeps viewers on a known latency of your choice, which is guaranteed for all viewers, across devices.

The configurable latency ensures that your viewers get the experience that you choose. The most common configurations are set at sub-second glass-to-glass.

Green grass

Configurable latency

Latency is a critical factor in live streaming. It refers to the delay between the time a signal is sent and when it is received by the viewer. For any interactive application, latency is pivotal, as it can greatly impact the user's experience.

At Vindral, viewers are kept on a known latency of your choice, which is guaranteed for all viewers, across devices. This means you have the flexibility to configure the latency to your needs, whether it's 700ms glass-to-glass or around one second. The configurable buffer ensures that all viewers get the same experience.

Vindral's most common configurations are set at sub-second glass-to-glass latency. This means that the delay between the source and the viewer is virtually imperceptible. Whether you are streaming live events, webinars, or delivering on-demand content, viewers will receive the experience intended, without any lag or delays.

Our SDKs provide support for configuring a static latency which can be set on a per channel basis, per region/country, or based on other parameters relevant to your use case.

Learn more about our SDKs

Quality enabling in-depth details

From live sports to remote inspections, audiovisual quality is more important than ever. Vindral enables crystal-clear experiences with unmatched stability, even for viewers on congested networks. Achieving quality retention, especially at 4K, marks a significant advantage over real-time solutions such as WebRTC. Vindral's cutting-edge adaptive bitrate algorithm, together with the fully configurable latency, provide unmatched resilience for live streams - unlocking 4K sub-second latency across the globe.

Compared to solutions based on WebRTC technology, Vindral provides a more resilient stream; with smoother playback and higher image quality. On non-perfect networks, such as mobile and WiFi networks, competing technologies struggle in terms of frame drops, freeze frames or suffer display artifacts.

Below is a comparison video, from extensive - structured and automated - testing, for a leading WebRTC vendor.


Buffer length: 600ms


Leading WebRTC vendor

1080p 4Mbps, baseline, GOP 1s

Network profile 4G (latency 97ms, jitter 12ms, packet loss 1.7%)

Synchronized playout

Playout sync is a crucial aspect of live video streaming, as it ensures that all viewers receive content simultaneously. With Vindral's synchronized functionality, no viewers are left behind. Content reaches all viewers at the same time, no matter their device or location, yielding a seamless and coherent experience at a guaranteed latency.

  • Viewers are on the same latency, regardless of device
  • Maximum of 100 ms drift (HLS: 20-40 s, LL-HLS: 2-8 s)
  • Coupled with ABR the stream is retained even on weak markets and networks
  • Works with our ultra-fast channel switching, bringing cutting-edge experiences to the next level.
  • The system decides what is played out, not the viewer device.

Want to see it for yourself? Try our demo on multiple devices and set the buffer size the same.

Two devices running Vindral in sync

Retained quality. Guaranteed latency.

And no unwanted surprises. Blurry video, lag, and viewers falling behind make live streaming cluttered and messy. Poor live streaming experiences are not only frustrating but influence brands' ability to uphold high-quality recognition among their consumers. Powering a first-class presence, viewers can experience captivating moments exactly as they unfold, swiftly and in crisp quality.


Expect latency issues when watching live streamed sports.


Report buffering issues when watching live streams online.


Abandon live streams after 2 or 3 instances of buffering.

We claim to have unmatched performance - but don't take our word for it. Testing the performance of any live-streaming solution is crucial before making a decision on what product to use. Whether you are interested in WebRTC, Vindral, LL-HLS, or some other solution, our guides on testing walk you through a few basic scenarios to evaluate performance.

Explore guides

A global live CDN

Vindral Live Streaming Service is available globally, ensuring accessibility in all regions. Core features across our service include ultra-low latency, playback synchronization, redundancy, and high availability.

Vindral utilizes global load balancers (GLBS) and redundant instances of all services, running on multiple ISPs, networks, and multiple data centers. The global load balancer service built into the Vindral CDN automatically chooses the closest available data center with available egress capacity. Utilizing several major ISP:s and Cloud Providers, including Tata Communications, GCP, Azure, Clouvider, OVH, Digital Ocean, Cloudflare, and Oracle, Vindral is set for global scalability.

Moreover, using traffic rules, we can ensure your streams are protected based on the viewer's location. As a result, all streams are GDPR compliant. At the core, Vindral is designed for automatic failover, traffic routing & optimization, and no single point of failure.

A world grid with major cities highlighted

All benefits

Vindral is a full-featured live streaming system, available as a live CDN service or for deployment in your infrastructure. The following features and performance aspects are included.

Viewer expectations

Synchronized playout

All viewers are kept on the same latency, yielding a fully synchronized playout experience.

High-quality video

Unlike other ultra-low latency solutions, Vindral maintains a high quality. 4K is supported at a second of latency.

Ultra-low latency (configurable)

Whether you need sub-second latency or increased resilience at two seconds, Vindral puts you in charge.


Let your viewers choose their own platform. Streams work the same across the board - from apps, desktop and mobile browsers and smart TV platforms.

Quick channel switching

For multi-channel applications, channel-changing times and transition behavior are crucial. The experience is kept smooth with optimized switching performance.

Adaptive bitrate

Vindral features multi-ABR transcoding which provides a viewer experience that adapts to the internet connection for each viewer. Using ABR, streams ranging from 4k 20Mbit/s down to 360p 0.2Mbit/s can be provided.

For developers

API, SDKs and code samples

Vindral's API and SDK enable seamless interaction and usage in all settings. Read our documentation

Native app support

Use the native SDKs to create iOS, iPadOS and Android native applications.

Video-synchronized data channel

Interactive experiences are powered by our data channel, which allows dynamic events to be triggered with video-synchronized granularity.

High quality content delivery

Professional encoders

Support for ingress using professional encoders from Elemental, MediaExcel, Haivision, and others. Naturally, there's also extensive support for Composer

Stream protection

All content is encrypted and transmitted in a secure way, keeping your content safe and monetizable.

GDPR compliant

Vindral only gathers performance metrics related to quality assurance and retains this data for a very limited amount of time. Data is stored securely, and both gathering and storage may be geographically restricted.

Operations and management


Performance and load are continuously monitored, providing insight into quality and user behavior.


Built-in analytics tool for studying traffic amount, device types, operating system types, countries, regions, streams and more.

OEM ready

Vindral is built specifically to serve as a foundation for CDNs. Using our scripts and management tools, you get a fast track to deployment on your own infrastructure.

Fully redundant

Redundant ingest sites, fail-over enabled transcoders, Global Load Balancing, multiple data centers, and multiple ISP providers.