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How Tasracing builds for the future

When Tasracing decided to upgrade its live streaming to boost the customer experience, maximize retention, and future-proof their stack, Vindral stood out as the top choice of live-streaming technology.

A challenge for live streaming-powered businesses is to keep up with customers’ preferences; demands are ever-changing and accelerating fast, leaving a large portion of the market ill-prepared. Moving into 2023, live streaming needs to address requirements beyond latency alone. Australia-based Tasracing is one with the puzzle sorted out.

In horse racing and greyhound alike, dedicated fans constantly examine each animal’s form, especially during warm-up, emphasizing the need for a crystal-clear video to make proper predictions. And for long, this aspect alone has served as the foundation when adopting new live-streaming technology. But times are changing. The Aussie live operator previously operated on traditional high-latency technologies granting stability; now, ultra-low latency is added to the list of requirements. With money riding on the races, cutting the latency down to a minimum is imperative, and so is adding synchronized playout for fairness. Tasracing has throughout focused on the wagering speculator and to keep up with the sweeping changes in expectations, they realized they needed to refine the live experience from the ground up. Going with Vindral means moving away from the inherent latency challenges of traditional live solutions without reducing stability; it means adding support for 4K quality and synchronized playout, leaving Tasracing better equipped for the future.

“The main objective for us is understanding our customers, and delivering a great service for them. In transitioning to Vindral, we have improved the live experience; our aim is to be as close to physical presence as possible. As a bonus, we are ready for the future – with several ideas in the pipeline requiring synchronized playout and high-quality video.”

Jackie Farrelly, General Manager Marketing at Tasracing.
Tasracing logo

A game-changer with minimizing latency is the enablement of in-play betting, allowing bettors to place their bets closer to the start of each race – extending the window of opportunity. Adding synchronized playout means adding accessibility, as bettors can follow the action on the go. Besides, synchronized playout enables the development of social layers, too, as races can be enjoyed across platforms.

“We are happy to support Tasracing in creating a next-generation experience for their fans. Horse racing and Greyhound are verticals where Vindral is an amazing fit, due to the unique position where low latency and high quality are both sustained. We call this the Sweet Spot; the only way to create a service that truly satisfies fans.”, says Daniel Alinder, Chief Executive Officer at RealSprint.

Connectivity and compute power are both of importance to deliver reliability in live streaming. To support these aspects in Tasmania, RealSprint selected Oracle as the infrastructure partner for the delivery of the Tasracing streams, due to Oracle’s strong presence in Oceania.

Tasracing has a history of being driven by innovation, and utilizing Vindral reinforces the commitment to build for the future.