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Meet us at SVG Summit in Denver, June 26-27! Contact us here

Meet us at ICE London

ICE London will be taking place at ExCeL during 12-14 April and RealSprint will be participating – reach out and book a time to meet up!

After a two-year-long interruption following the breakout of Covid, the Ice London event is finally back on track, showcasing the latest innovations and delivering limitless business opportunities. The event, organized by Clarion Gaming, centers around the gaming industry, attracting operators from 45+ countries – offering a useful gateway to find partners and form long-lasting industry relationships.

Live streaming is, to an increasing extent, about upholding stability as video qualities approach 4K while networks start to fluctuate. Simultaneously, there is an increase on the demand side for sub-second glass-to-glass latency solutions, pressuring live streaming operators to deliver on a satisfactory level. Within the iGaming industry, operators need to offer crisp quality, and a widened window for betting as it allows players to place their bets closer to the action, leading to a more seamless experience. We’re eager to show how Vindral overcomes industry-wide obstacles, delivering unmatched performance globally.