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Learn more about streaming in general and Vindral in particular in these in-depth articles and guides.

iGaming – How Vindral empowers your live casino operations with effortless management

At Vindral, our extensive experience in the iGaming industry has given us a deep understanding of the challenges and intricacies of live casino. We understand that navigating the technical side of live streams can sometimes feel like a losing hand, especially when your focus should be on the game. Reliable live streams are crucial, not […]

Vindral – operations and management

Choosing an appropriate live-streaming vendor that fits your needs may pose a certain level of complexity. It’s not just about considering the more typical factors like latency, cost, device compatibility, and implementation simplicity, but also other aspects that might not be immediately noticeable yet crucial. The following is a set of features associated with Operations […]

Designing for 24/7 operations

Vindral has been designed from the ground up to be fault-tolerant and redundant in all system and application layers. This design creates a secure, stable, and highly available service designed for 24/7 operations at scale. The fault-tolerant architecture applies to all core features of the platform, including ingest, transcoding, egress, load balancing, traffic routing, back-end […]

The next-gen AV1 codec

Video is taking over. Until 2029, the compound annual growth rate of video streaming is close to 20%, as reported by Fortune Business Insight. Yet, the live experience of 2022 is not nearly as good as it should be, and it’s partially due to the inadequacy of established high-quality video codecs supported by the majority […]

Building an authentic casino atmosphere in live casinos

Saturation in the online casino market In recent years, the online gambling industry has seen a steadily increasing annual growth rate, and the market is estimated to continuously accelerate. However, with more brands entering the space, it’s becoming increasingly important to differentiate your offering. As the market for online casinos saturates, adding a live casino […]