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Learn more about streaming in general and Vindral in particular in these in-depth articles and guides.

WebRTC – Ultimate speed at the cost of quality

The fastest browser-based live-streaming protocol WebRTC, short for Web Real-Time Communication, is a streaming protocol supporting instant communication between browsers and devices. While there are even quicker methods of delivery created for cloud gaming and similar scenarios, WebRTC was built for teleconferencing over the public internet. The method was initially developed by Google and later […]

The HLS protocol

HLS – stability at the core Initially, the HTTP live streaming protocol, HLS, was developed and launched by Apple in 2009. The core of the HLS protocol is all aboutstability. HLS allows for high video qualities, including 4K, which HLS effectively sustains on a high percentage of viewer connections. Moreover, HLS supports adaptive bitrate, meaning […]

Implications of 5G in live streaming – improving the conditions for live video

The introduction of 5G greatly improved mobile bandwidth and latency, bringing the potential of new business opportunities within live events, remote healthcare, live shopping, and IoT solutions, among others.  The fifth generation mobile network brings speed and stability  The launch of 4G made live streaming on cellular networks possible. 5G further increases the bandwidth of […]

Implications of GDPR in live streaming

GDPR definition GDPR, short for general data protection regulation, is legislation centered on strengthening individual integrity by regulating how personal data is accessedand used online.   GDPR went into effect in May 2018 and regulates how companies, authorities, and organizations handle people’s data. By this, GDPR strengthens the individualcitizen and allows for greater control over how […]

Full remote in-water inspection of ships

Vuvi is a Norwegian remote inspection company conducting in-water inspections of ships and offshore platforms using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Vindral powers the streaming technology for the ROV:s, capturing the inspection in high video quality and distributing it to the team at minimum latency. The challenge: sustaining high quality and ultra-low latency  Remote in-water […]

Transforming the experience of digital events

With expertise in technical solutions and the ability to meet constantly evolving needs, Adapt is an industry leader in audiovisual experiences. Founded in Sweden and with over 25 years of experience, Adapt delivers its services across the globe.   Adapt’s solutions cover multiple purposes, including conferences, streamed events, live broadcasts, product launches, and webinars, among others. […]

Vindral versus WebRTC

Tests based on statistics from AT&T and Verizon demonstrate a clear deterioration in image quality between Vindral and WebRTC. Already at 2 Mbit/s, the difference is profound in terms of video quality, bits/s, and image resolution. Hence, streaming 4K at a higher bitrate (8-12Mbit/s) is close to impossible using WebRTC. WebRTC: fast delivery, unreliable quality […]

Improving streams for ATG

ATG has been active since 1974, and since then, ATG has been strengthening trotting and thoroughbred racing. Profits are reinvested in racing tracks around Sweden, training and breeding, prize money, and overall efforts for the Swedish horse industry. The challenge: maintaining ultra-low latency, synchronization, and stability without reducing quality ATG’s racecourses have close to two […]