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Full remote in-water inspection of ships

Vuvi is a Norwegian remote inspection company conducting in-water inspections of ships and offshore platforms using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Vindral powers the streaming technology for the ROV:s, capturing the inspection in high video quality and distributing it to the team at minimum latency.

The challenge: sustaining high quality and ultra-low latency 

Remote in-water inspections require ultra-low latency as the team involved needs to follow the assessment live. In addition, high-quality video is a strict requirement to capture all the details needed. For that reason, solutions such as WebRTC might reduce latency down to a minimum, but not without sacrificing quality. Comparably, LL-HLS might uphold a high quality, but not without increasing the latency beyond what is tolerable. 

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The solution: simplifying the inspection 

Using Vindral, the ROV:s perform the inspection while the ship is being unloaded and loaded at the port, making the process smooth and efficient. The ship owners don’t need to be present at the vessel’s current location since they can easily follow the inspection remotely at ultra-low latency and high quality. To broadcast from anywhere globally and on unstable networks, Vuvi has chosen LiveU – a partner to Vindral – for encoding. Furthermore, the in-water survey doesn’t require contact with the vessel’s crew and takes no more time to carry out than fully analog alternatives performed by actual divers. By this, Vuvi offers a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution. 

Peeking ahead: illustrating future possibilities 

The applicability of Vindral stretches beyond Vuvi and remote inspections of ships. Ultra-low latency streaming that maintains high-quality video enables monitoring of automated factories. This demonstrates significant cost benefits and the power to transform the manufacturing industry, among others. The spread of covid-19 further illustrates the growing call for technological advancements that efficiently and safely replace the need for a physical presence. And in that domain, Vindral goes all-out for offering superb quality and generating real business value.