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Tuned for perfection

Interactive formats

Create immersive experiences with user interaction and ultra-low latency.

Combining ultra-low latency, high quality and sync

From racing to entertainment, formats that put the viewer in charge are evolving. Many of these provide the user with options to switch between different angles to create an immersive experience.

Especially for fast-paced sports action, channel switching needs to be quick. Once the viewer has chosen to switch angles in a race or other competition, there is not much patience to wait for the new stream to arrive. To create a coherent experience, switching times at around 1 second are required.

Another imperative is keeping the content in sync. Whether the viewer is enjoying a rock concert or a motorsport race, switching angles must not affect the point in time displayed. Streams must carry on seamlessly, which is an area of excellence in Vindral, serving brands such as SailGP and NYC Marathon, among others.

In this development, second-screen experiences are the ultimate augmentation. The number of new possibilities is already large and increasing, encompassing a broad spectrum of use cases such as live events, news broadcasts, racing footage, TV series, and game shows.

A dirt bike A dirt bike
A dirt bike