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Kicking off 2023!

Wrapping up 2022

A new year and the beginning of a new chapter lie ahead. Together with you, we produced some of our best work yet in 2022, making it a year for the books.

During the past year, the total license volume for both Vindral and Composer multiplied, exceeding all expectations. We also made some great additions to our team as we’re now growing into a global organization with some serious talent. Throughout the year, we’ve been an active voice in transforming the narrative around live streaming – away from the siloed latency-alone perspective to one that encompasses not only latency but quality and synchronized playout as well. And if 2022 has taught us anything, it’s that more verticals than ever are catching on.

Interview between Netint and RealSprint

A webinar on the future of live streaming took place in November, in which our CEO Daniel Alinder discussed the importance of resilient technology. Take a look here.

Our Customers

In 2022, we were lucky enough to meet with a bunch of you – either on-site or at one of the many events we attended (ICE, IBC, NAB, SME, Sigma, among others). It’s always a pleasure meeting with those who build services and games on top of our stack and learning more about your needs, plans, and expectations. It remains one of the greatest drivers behind our product road maps and strategic decisions.

We’re dedicated to delivering future-proof technology, which wouldn’t be possible without all your valuable feedback and feature requests. Our developers made several significant releases in 2022, adding lots of exciting new features to our solutions. Let’s have a look at the past year from our products’ perspectives.

Vindral – A year of growth and expansion

In 2022, Vindral took a quantum leap in terms of the number of customers, viewers, and overall capacity. We added more data centers in all regions and expanded into two new ones (Australia and South Africa). Today, the U.S. and Asia make up our largest markets, followed by Europe.

Furthermore, we added four new partners to secure future delivery capacity, Oracle (OCI) being one of them. Our white-label clients also gained new ground with several high-profile events using Vindral to stream at ultra-low latency and high quality.


Together with NETINT and Oracle, we launched the world’s first AV1-powered ultra-low-latency service as a part of our offering. Check it out at

2023 – What’s coming up?

Just as stability and redundancy were a top priority for 2022, customer APIs and observability are major priorities moving into 2023; we’re excited to roll out support for channel management and stats via a new customer-facing API.

In the past year, we added support for Android TV, Apple TV, LG WebOS, and Samsung Tizen OS. During 2023, we will continue to expand our platform support.

Composer – Forward-looking igaming power

During 2022, we released four new versions of Composer, each one including new and important features and improvements, performance optimizations, and more tools for monitoring and integration. In total, we’ve carried out over 500 improvements, many of which were based directly on your feedback.

Vindral Composer view

Composer, AV1, and 10-bit HDR

As mentioned above, the world’s first ultra-low latency playback featuring AV1 was one of our major achievements of the year. The live video source of the AV1 demo is powered by Composer, running a preview of a brand new 10-bit HDR video rendering engine. Check out the comparison to H.264 below.

AV1 vs h264 comparison

2023 – What’s coming up?

For 2023, we are planning four new Composer releases – with features presenting new gaming opportunities. The first release is scheduled for Q1, and as always, subscribing customers will have free access to all new releases.

New customers and accelerated product development ahead

The growth of Vindral and Composer allows us to add more resources to our teams and further strengthen our products as we move into 2023. During Q1, we are launching a Partner Portal in which you will find a knowledge base, downloadable resources, and all the information you could possibly need as a prioritized partner.

All in all, 2022 has been a fantastic year working together with you – our clients, partners, and friends. Together, we’ve delivered outstanding live experiences across the globe, and we’re looking forward to continuing to do so in 2023.

RealSprint and Vindral team